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This plugin adds radio station capabilities to the websites using Kentha WordPress Theme. It requires a WordPress website with Kentha theme and its plugins installed. More info and installation: http://manual-kentharadio.qantumthemes.xyz/

Add unlimited radio channels (mp3 stream) to the player, schedule, team members, charts and more.

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Display artist and title from ShoutCAST 2, Icecast, Radio.co, Airtime, Radionomy and text feed.

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Add the links to your alternative channels

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Easily create a beautiful weekly schedule

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Transform Your Kentha Theme
In The Perfect Radio Station Website

Custom Post Types

  • Radio channels
  • Radio shows
  • Schedule
  • Charts
  • Members

Schedule shortcodes

  • Schedule grid
  • Upcoming shows carousel
  • Now on air show
  • Now on air mini
  • Upcoming shows slider

Other shortcodes

  • Related shows carousel
  • Related members carousel
  • Related chart carousel
  • Chart
  • App icons
  • Current track title feed

Featured Widgets

  • Now on air show
  • Now playing track
  • Upcoming shows
  • Charts
[kentha-shorttxtfx fx=”newyork” text=”Music Chart” color1=”rgba(51,51,51,0.1)” color2=”#333333″ color3=”#e92f7f”]

Display the latest chart or a specific one, with a custom amount of tracks.

[qt-spacer size=”m”][qt-chart number=”5″]

Music Chart Small

Choose a smaller design to fit magazine-style layout.

Select a chart or use the latest, with options to display or hide the chart title and featured image. Every track can have an MP3, YouTube or Soundcloud preview.

[qt-chart id=”4282″ chartstyle=”chart-small” showtitle=”true” showthumbnail=”true” number=”3″]
[qt-chart id=”4276″ chartstyle=”chart-small” showtitle=”true” showthumbnail=”true” number=”3″]
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